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ECHO | Brockport Student Government

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can see the answers to any questions you may have

General Questions

What is the point of this website?

ECHO is an online petitioning system where student’s voices can be heard. We want the platform to be open, safe and empowering for all students in a way that is respectful to the Brockport community. The goal is to use this platform as a powerful vehicle for change while remaining as safe as possible for our users. This system encourages free speech, but discourages vulgarity and hateful language.

Who runs this site?

The Brockport Student Government (BSG).

Where do I submit feedback?

Contact your BSG Officers


How do I post a petition?

You can press the little yellow hovering circle on the bottom right of your screen that will take you to a form where you can fill out your information.

If I post will people know it was me?

That's up to you! You have the oppourtunity to share your name, show first and last initials, or even post petitions completely anonymously. However, there is a reviewing process so if your petitions is offensive we have the right to not allow your petition to be viewed by the public and could put you at risk of a ban.

Who decides how many signatures a petition needs?

It is set by BSG admins.

Is there a reviewing process?

Yes, both a BSG and college representative must view and approve your petition before it can be visible publicly.

Why can't I see my petition?

Your petition may be currently awaiting approval, under review if they have been reported enough times, or has been removed from public view permanently due to inappropriate content.

Are you supposed to be able to sign your own petition even if it only needs one signature?

Yes, just like how the president of the United States can vote for themselves you can sign your own petition. It is very unlikely that a petition will only need one signature so signing your own petition shouldn't cause a problem.

What determines an archived petition?

A petitions that has been archived is a petition that has reached an age set by a BSG admin in order to avoid too many petitions being open at once.


Can I sign in?

If you're a student go for it! However, in order to keep this site open and free for students to create and post petitions comfortably we do not allow anyone besides a student to login.